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Karaoke commercial dating site

The player is also available with 100 songs across five discs for and extra £10.The 2017 Chart Hits bundle of 80 songs from Vocal-Star costs £12.95 and is likely to go down well with pop-savvy kids.

You’ll need to save a bit of your budget for CD G discs as the bundled starter disc won’t keep you entertained for long.If you have a laptop, TV and hi-fi speakers handy, Lucky Voice is a great option.Buy their microphone-and-mixer package for £60 and subscribe for £7 a month to access the massive library of backing tracks.Price: £200If you can’t be bothered to faff around with cables, go for this all-in-one device.It includes two microphones, a CD player, a built-in speaker, mixer controls, a 7in colour screen and even an LED light show.

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If you don’t relish the thought of scrabbling around with cables figuring out what goes where, an all-in-one system keeps things simple.

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