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So as an example, on my computer right here, sitting in the same seat, with glasses, a good 80-90% of my vision is the screen / keyboard, without, looking at what i'm typing here, i can see the edge of a chair that's to my right and the light switch to the left, if I had to guess, i'd say that's about 150 degree arc.Regarding sports, as I only play with contacts, when I tried some table tennis recently, I found I just couldn't hit anything, when normally i'm quite good.I am also told that I move my head a lot even in contacts.I took my driving test in the UK in 1969 wearing glasses and drove for several years before getting contacts. He did give me a prescription for driving so I could wear the glasses very close to my eyes.Weirdeyes , Neville Im kind of interested in doing some high plus GOC for a Halloween costume. My friend about to retire from his optician business has continued to help. , Yesterday i wore my -12 superlenti Ray Bans and one girl asked me why i wear glasses without corrective lenses..that girl so silly or -12 superlenti looks like plans? Maybe, lenti looks "strange" and people think that are just fashionable lenses..

But other people probably see me from other angles.When my sister was at the DMV they asked her if her 1.00 glasses are just for reading. When I took off my glasses to try the test without them they acted weird about it. I wonder if they can subconsciously tell my glasses are pretty strong or if it was just because they saw me wear them more.Plus Tony , I think it is very much in the eye of the beholder and depends on their knowledge of lenses and preconceptions.The ones I had in Secondary school had full frame lenses which were very thick. David , Hey Owlish, I did have them from a very young age, the first RX I think I was given was around 16, very quickly jumping to almost 19, it stayed around there until I think 3-4 years old at which point it dropped year on year until it hit a low of around 12.In the last few years it's risen by around 0.25 to 0.5 per year, the glasses you're seeing are the ones I use for my computer and I prefer something a little stronger as it helps with eye strain.

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Groot , At what point does the average observer start describing glasses as thick, coke bottles or strong? I was a rep at the time and they made a huge difference to driving. Everyone said I was always blinking and they were prone to popping out.