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“Some men want to be playfully smothered by a pair of white nylon panties that has a seam up the backside and a cotton gusset,” says Jane Shattuck, whose company Panty Mistress pioneered audio porn cassettes in the nineties. With audio he can have all of this.” Shattuck is as close to an “audio porn star” as it gets.Though she’s beautiful—her voluminous auburn hair and apple cheekbones look picture-perfect as she gives me a Skype tour of her Barbados home—it’s her singsong voice that has drawn compliments her whole life.

(“Joe’s not, um, available right now cuz he’s a bit, um, tied up at the moment!”) When she was 39, back in the early 1990s, she quit her job at an Albuquerque magazine and started her first company, a phone-answering service for women seeking abortions.At work, her soothing voice assured scared patients that everything would be fine, and at home, her sensual vocals titillated a new boyfriend, an ambitious man who she could tell “held secrets.” One day Shattuck tripped over a pair of granny panties her boyfriend had left on the bedroom floor.In all the years I’ve spent researching, thinking about, and, yes, consuming many different kinds of porn, this was the first time I’d ever heard anyone mention an audio-only varietal. I went home and googled “audio porn.” Quickly I realized that, as with conventional porn, there was a seemingly inexhaustible audio-porn archive on the internet: everything from humorous fantasies about dildo genies to’s erotic e-books to Tumblrs vibrating with orgasms rubbed out in office bathrooms to Reddit’s endless selection of “faps” and “schlicks” (the onomatopoetic names for male and female masturbation sessions).Sure, I’ve read about the nonsexual “brain orgasms” of ASMR, and any child from the 1990s remembers seedy ads for 1-900 phone sex lines. Sometimes these files are customized for the listener, but even when they’re not, the intimacy of audio makes it feel like they are.

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When confronted, he revealed his closeted panty fetish and desire to be gently dominated. Her response was empathetic; she headed to the library and checked out Gloria Brame’s ) The teasing drove him crazy, and it gave her “a great idea for the makings of a little hobby”—and possibly a business.

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