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Im live 4cam

You can still get them on Aliexpress, it's just that they won't be listed under a hikvision name, you will need to search by model number.People on here have bought from other less known sellers so they may be able to chime in.I have hit a bit of a brick wall as I can't seem to get video to actually record to the folder I have specified.Upon going into Remote Configuration for my Storage Server, I click Storage then General.Carries a wide range of Hikvision NVRs and cameras.

i ofcourse have my monitor which is to large to the other side of the house which is why im asking this and the instructions are useless. might be worth mentioning too that i have it connected to my Router but im only seeing a Mac id. is there a default IP address im able to connect with ?It's not actually formatting the drive – just creates a file or folder but doesn't delete anything already there – stupid term to use. Free, easy to set up, light on resources, free mobile client and much faster to connect than Milestone.But I'd still makes sure I had a backup of anything important. Hi, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this knocking sound with a Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW when viewing the camera and playback via i VMS 42?Thanks Michelin Man From Part 5 "but have been unable to successfully configure the cameras to view over a WAN using our external ip address. i VMS-4500 only requires port 8000 to be forwarded.Get error message "Receiving data from the device timed out." when I attempt to input the device information into the App The ports that you have forwarded do map to the correct internal ports right? Ports 443 and 80 are only if you want to view the cameras web interface externally." No I was pointing to 80. Port 554 is the RTSP port so that would be for other applications besides i VMS-4500.

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Hikvision stuff can be lacking in security, so it's best to limit the exposure when possible.

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