Helps process consolidating new memories Peep shows cam

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Helps process consolidating new memories

The specific activity that relates to previous learning represents a tiny fraction of that EEG readout.So Schönauer and her colleagues tested whether they could use a machine learning algorithm—essentially throwing the power of computers at the problem—to recognize differences in brain activity based on differences in what an individual had previously learned.He and his colleagues believe that it might be beneficial for the brain to pick out negative memories—such as the appearance and location of a tasty-looking berry that turned out to make you sick—to protect against those threats in the future.

How exactly that works, however, is still mostly a mystery.When they were retested after 12 hours, the group that had been awake forgot negative and neutral information at equal rates. They forgot the neutral information at the same rate as the other group, but they remembered the negative images much better.“A night of sleep seems to prevent forgetting of negative items specifically,” Cox says.To do that, they had participants came into the lab for a night.Before going to bed, half the group was shown images of faces, the other half of houses—lots and lots of images. “We recorded electrical brain activity during this time,” explained Schönauer.

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