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After a break-up and reunion, Chris and Aidan split for good in January 2013.

Chris became the focus of a coward punch storyline in 2014 and agreed to have a baby with his friend Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell).

The more time I spend on Neighbours, the more I feel part of the show. The thing about this industry is it's very hard to find stable work, so to have stability, I'm extremely grateful." Summer initially takes the news well and plays it down, but when fellow student Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic) discovers that one of her classmates is gay, she goes out of her way to find out who it is and expose them.

Whole fandoms have been known to run solely on the fuel of shipping vitriol for years on end.Cynicism, everyone seems to stay forever trapped in a limbo of meaningful gazes and Moment Killers; writers just don't want to take their chances with this reaction.It's also probably the underlying cause of Last Minute Hookups and characters hooking up afterwards being so common.However, Chris developed a crush on Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) and subsequently revealed that he was gay.Chris initially struggled with his sexuality and the reactions of his friends, family and team mates.

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Upon finding employment at the local garage, Chris was faced with Warren Burrell (Tony Rickards), a homophobic customer.