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And in his latest bid to improve his well-being, the Democrat has hired his own personal Buddhist monk to help him learn how to meditate properly.Radaronline quoted a source as saying: ‘Ever since his heart scare, Bill has looked for ways to help him relax.What is really surprising these days, is that you will probably not find as many monks, but lay people in these centers.It is really encouraging to see that many people are realizing that there is more to life than parties, shopping, fun, movies, holidays, etc.But it is kept alive by the monastic educated, who spread their influence by teaching and example.Similarly, in America, with the difference that the equivalent ‘celebrity’ class there comprises of movie stars, celebrities, personalities and rock musicians, who promote the message of Buddhism in their movies, music and lifestyles.

The man who wrote “Hallelujah” lived for five years in a Zen Buddhist monastery in Los Angeles.These days, we can find Dharma centers, temples and monasteries coming up across the globe.We can even find a Dharma center in your neighbourhood at this day and age.‘He has a hectic life, he travels a lot on business as an ambassador for the U. and needs something to keep him sane.’ Meditation offers him that, he has a *mantra that he likes to chant and after every session he feels transformed and full of positive energy.‘It’s definitely doing him the world of good – he feels fitter and stronger than ever.’ In February 2004, Clinton was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City after complaining of chest pains.

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In this way, more and more people will benefit from Buddhist teachings.

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