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Dating in sierra leone

Many of the impoverished areas of Sierra Leone's capital are close to sea level and have poor drainage systems, exacerbating flooding during the West African country's rainy season.

Vice President Victor Foh said: 'It is likely that hundreds are lying dead underneath the rubble.'The disaster is so serious that I myself feel broken,' he added.

However, Red Cross spokesman Patrick Massaquoi told AFP the death toll was 312 but could rise further as his team continued to survey disaster areas in Freetown and tally the number of dead.

Bodies were spread out on the floor of a morgue, Sinneh Kamara, a coroner technician at the Connaught Hospital mortuary, told the national broadcaster.'The capacity at the mortuary is too small for the corpses,' he told the Sierra Leone National Broadcasting Corp.

Mr Foh told Reuters news agency that the disaster was 'so serious that I myself feel broken'.Kamara urged the health department to deploy more ambulances, saying his mortuary only has four.Sierra Leone's national television broadcaster interrupted its regular programming to show scenes of people trying to retrieve their loved ones' bodies.Rescue officials have warned that the chances of finding survivors "are getting smaller every day".Many bodies have been disfigured by the effects of the mudslide.

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