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Self liquidating credit

Enterprise value loans are based on the total value of a company, generally determined with reference to comparables in the open market.These companies tend to be either high growth firms with a particular competitive advantage and compelling market dynamics or larger well established enterprises requiring capital for large asset purchases and working capital needs.White Oak offers inventory financing in combination with existing collateralized factoring and/or ABL facilities to companies looking to enhance their cash flow and borrowing capacity.Inventory financing is often used to pay suppliers offering no or limited payment terms or to build inventory in advance of a heavy shipping season.

In other situations, White Oak provides credit protection to mitigate the risks of non-payment.

Repayment of a loan is generated through cash flow produced by the borrower through its general operating activities.

These loans typically contain contractually determined interest along with amortization schedules.

Clients have a direct line to White Oak's credit department and gain 24/7 access to transactions and reporting, including the receipt of invoices, advances and customer payments. It provides complimentary international trade document management services and can arrange other ancillary services to importers and exporters, including inspection, cargo and marine insurance, door-to-door logistics, credit guarantee and collections. based importers receive open account terms for periods up to 120 days from the bill of lading date, aiding in improved working capital management and payment flexibility.

White Oak's supply chain finance product finances the supply chain gap, which reduces international trade risk to suppliers and increases business between foreign suppliers and U. Foreign suppliers generally receive customer credit coverage and reduced working capital requirements, while being paid 100% immediately, without recourse and upon shipment. The product acts as a flexible instrument to improve availability of working capital in a transparent structure that offers streamlined administrative processes.

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White Oak is a direct lender to middle market companies.

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