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Box '2' holds basic information about how the person looks, what they might say/do when their anxiety is starting to increase.It is also a place to direct the person to the individual's calming sequence and or other relaxation strategies that are known to be (at least somewhat) effective.This worksheet then can be easily shared not only with teachers, but parents, babysitters, paraprofessionals, substitutes and anyone else who is significant to the individual with autism.There is a similar but slightly different worksheet for school (teacher/student) and home (parent/child).I sometimes call it the behavior plan 'cheat sheet' or cliff notes.Simply, empty text boxes are placed beside each number (5 point scale of course) on the curve for the author to describe the most important details of each 'level' of anxiety.

I try to research and confirm these before posting. They may be contrived and not true, or if true, unrecognizably transformed. (Please search this page first.) Also if possible, please provide a reference with your submission.Snopes, and other urban legends sites also have articles on some of these items.The third example is how Tara used the anxiety curve with a student with Asperger Syndrome to illustrate his anxiety.Tara started by talking to her student about the curve and showing him how it worked. She explained that they could identify ways to help his body/anxiety level get from a 3 or 4 back down to a 1.

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Box '5' represents the crisis or most heightened stage of the individual's anxiety.