Dating service with background check printable dating contracts for teens

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Digitized public records make a background search easy and accessible to everyone.

“We try to give someone a complete look at a person, a property, or a phone number,” Justin said.

By the time she was arrested in a luxury hotel in 2016, she’d stolen more than 0,000 using at least five different aliases.

Been Verified saves you the time and trouble with a simple online search.

Available by phone or email, this team walks Been Verified customers through the search process so it becomes easier to understand. A knowledgeable team breaks down the information into a simple yet comprehensive resource.

“Oftentimes the information on public records can be a little jargon-heavy,” Justin said, “so we have a phone number that’s available 8 a.m. The mission is to help people feel secure when online, and keep con artists like Maria at bay.

A New Jerseyan born and raised, Josh Levy is the CEO of Been Verified.

Alongside Co-Founder Ross Cohen, he built an online platform where people can look up any name, address, email, or phone number that seems suspect.

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This platform also goes above and beyond a simple online search.

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  1. If you cannot access the app as you need a 6-digit verification code message, please attempt to log in with your old mobile number and then select the option 'I haven't Received Code' to speak to our in-app support.

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