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I was a content camper watching this because Kang-ah is LOVE!

I have a soft spot for Gong Hyo Jin and eversince Pasta I find her adorable. Yes, they were able to combine violence with humane bonds that is present on each relationship and pairing.

Watch it, Soo Hyun made it bearable, for me atleast.

Lee Seung Gi is a grown man here, though not leaving behind his quirky attitude that we all love!

The Gumiho myth is mixed with reality making this series a story with heart. From the start this captured me since I find it very poignant. The story has a beautiful premise, with wonderful cinematography to boot. And KBS even awarded the best couple in this series. I love that this drama showed we can stand up each time we fall and that mistakes are made to teach us to become a better person.

I’m very weak when it comes to family stories so when Eun Sung arrived having such love for his father, I’m owned! It’s a recurring theme for everyone in DH not only the students but the Professor’s as well.

Her simplicity makes her unlike any other actress and uses it to connect herself to her character making it relatable. Father and Son is not just present in genes but more because of love.

Her chemistry with Cha Seung Won isn’t to be questioned because they have . Yoon Sung and Jin Pyo may live in a cruel world but they had managed to fight for their own beliefs.

You’d definitely be mesmerized by the scenery and gorgeous set up from the Joseon Era and cry along with Prince Yang Myung.Then again, we have to see Soo Hyun’s acting prowess and be swept again by his charm.Together with the beautiful Han Ga In, both fought fate and made their love stand against all odds.FYI, Lee Dong-geun is the primary reason why I love second lead guys more than the male lead. Since the heart can tell, they still fell for each other. The “lie” theme of their pairing was an added charm in their relationship. A stellar performance from Yoon Eun Hye as she became a Princess. Eun Hye’s chemistry with Joo Ji Hoon is off the charts, IMO. From a lady in Goong, she transformed herself as a boyish barista. Not only did this show spread K-drama virus around Asia, it made every cast known worldwide. I think there’s no explanation why I loved it, it’s illogical. Jang Geun Suk’s adorable face and wonderful singing voice was shown multiple times. Geun Suk’s pairing with Park Shin Hye is simply sweet and fluffy! The story itself may drive you nuts, or I mean Lee Jin Soo.The settings, the overall feel of a modern day Royal set up was beautiful. She plays Go Eun Chan, a bread winner who had no choice but to work in a shop where only men are allowed. But at the end of the day, you can really learn something fruitful from this. Simply a brilliant display of talent and a different level of K-drama experience.

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If you want to spend one of the best 16 hours of your life, watch this!

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