App v client not updating

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App v client not updating

This goes without saying, but this is all provided on a use-at-your-own-risk basis.

But if you have any issues, comment below and I’ll do my best to fix them.

Sometimes Microsoft will extended the original date from that clock, but normally not. Internally, it is marked as version 5.2, but we are now in a new way to release App-V so the correct way to refer to a version is to reference the OS build you got it with. From what I hear, maintenance will occur as follows: Microsoft has been fixing the App-V client in the new codebase (5.2) and back-porting fixes to 5.1 for about a year now.

App-V 5.1 refers to the MDOP based version of App-V released in 2015. The translated German post says something along the line that backporting hotfixes after the 1704 release in April will be more difficult.

It appears that all of these MSI packages fail to install if Powershell execution policy is applied via Group Policy.

The installer fails with the message: Failed to publish the package due to the following error: Windows Powershell updated your execution policy successfully, but the setting is overridden by a policy defined at a more specfic scope.

Any existing MSI will be backed up with the extension (and it will not overwrite these files if it is re-run). This library is pinched from Wi X, and I must give credit to Laurie Rhodes here for helping me get on the bandwagon with this one.

Due to the override, your shell will retain its current effective execution policy of Unrestricted.

This is a benign warning since policy has set the system to Unrestricted, but the installer is treating it as a fatal error.

As long as the .ps1 and are in the same location, will process whatever you drop onto it!

I recommend you run this script against all of the template MSI packages found in the sequencer directory, e.g: This way, any packages you create with the sequencer will have the fixes built in already!

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On the client I have configured APPV as a publishing server; however when refreshing the client no shortcuts for Reader are created.

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