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Looking fro sex chat sites

But it was just a party, and at the start of the weekend... Her parents thought he was perfect for her, but he broke up with her when she wouldn't go further than stroking him off in his car. " Ashley sighed, "Fine, I'll go." Sandy bounced up and down, her longer brunette hair waving behind her and a huge grin crossing her face, so she added, "But! Let all the boys see those big boobs of yours." "I think they already can..." Ashley crossed her arms tighter across her chest as the car bumped along the country road.

Ashley was still fuming about him, and Sandy knew just how to push her buttons. Sandy was at the wheel, driving the pair far from the city.

She smoothed out the little skirt, which hardly came to mid-thigh, trying to cover up the cute-girl white panties Sandy had insisted on. "You're going to have the boys drooling all over you! " Ashley asked, watching the trees enclose around them.

"To get you out of your shell, clam-girl," Sandy said, "And maybe catch a few cute guys..." "What about your boyfriend?

No, Ashley usually did her best to be a wallflower, her golden hair down to mid-cheek and bangs that sometimes hid one of her bright blue eyes."Pfft," Sandy tossed her auburn hair back, "Ex-boyfriend, you mean.He'll be too busy banging stupid sluts and knocking up other girls I'm sure..." There had been rumours going around that Clay never used condoms and actually liked knocking his girlfriends up -- Sandy being his last before the others began to show.Rounding the corner the cabin rose into view, a crowd of people scattered around the lawn in the spring air and the large windows on the huge two-story building lit up with even more people inside. " Sandy said, killing the engine and snatching her purse up for some last-minute adjustments. " Ashley looked out the window at all the people milling about, drinks sloshing about in nearly every hand, and girls and guys bobbing and grinding to the music thumping from inside the cabin. I meant concentrated," Sandy couldn't even try to hide her cattish grin as she said it. Sandy brushed back her hair and looked in the mirror, "Oh yes. " She stopped and leaned over to her friend, pointing out the window at some shirtless guys, "See how hot they are? " "Yeah..." Ashley admitted, scanning them over a few times, but quickly added, "But you never said this was a college party! Especially you -- why do you think I brought you to this party in the first place?I don't think I can go out there like this..." She looked down at herself again. The cabin was lakeside, and girls were dancing all about in bikinis like lingerie and were grinding up against the very pleased and shirtless guys. You're far sexier than any of those girls anyway." "I don't know..." Ashley's heart was beating fast, one hand gripping the seat and the other the door handle. " "Cause you like to get drunk and party with college boys? She looked out the window again at all the people, especially the boys.

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