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It changed several times over the years and is inconsistent and very confusing for the neophyte.Years may vary according to when the bike was announced, actually produced or exported. This page will be updated as often as I uncover new sources, information and corrections. Note that many pre-WW1 models did not have model numbers or names, but were simply refered to by engine output, engine type or size.

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There is a grey area in determining exact years of production for some models. There is a lot of often conflicting data to try and sort through about models, numbers, designations and years of production. Most of the above data for UK models was drawn from various books by Roy Bacon and Ivor Davies noted in the bibliography, but also from other sources such as motorcycle magazines and other books.

If you can't find one of Bacon's books, you can get a good digest of the system (as well as the serial numbers for BSA and Norton) through a catalogue from British Cycle Suppy in Wolfeville, Nova Scotia, Canada at [email protected] or call (902) 542-7478 (fax: 902-542-7479). If any dates or models above are incorrect, or differ from notes in Bacon's or Davies' works, their dates should be assumed as the correct one, and those above are assumed incorrect.

You will be asked to take your motorcycle to your local or preferred dealer, where the work will be carried out free of charge.

If you have outstanding safety recalls on your motorcycle, but have not received a letter from Triumph, please use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

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