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Punk rock dating

"A writer for this crappy but influential fanzine, (co-authored with journalist Jon Wiederhorn)."The crazy thing about Timmy calling me a fascist is that I was an immigrant Latino kid dating a Jewish girl, and she never accused me of being a Nazi sympathizer." But because his band had the nerve to occasionally dissent from left-wing tenets, it drew the ire of the powers in punk at the time. as a young child after his parents fled the Castro regime.John Joseph, the singer for NYC legends the Cro-Mags, once remembered that "at a Black Flag show I was sent flying across the dance floor by none other than the late John Belushi, who was a huge punk/hardcore fan and was at a lot of the early shows." As Joseph explained in his memoir, , Belushi "was a big dude and when he slammed his way across the dance floor you'd just see bodies going airborne." Miret slammed his way around the scene for a couple of years before joining Agnostic Front in 1983."Some people think we were all lowlifes who wanted to kick the shit out of each other.I was Cuban for Christ's sake—far from the image of the blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryan Übermensch." Unlike some punk acts, Agnostic Front didn't offer any sort of coherent political message.But the band did sometimes express right-of-center views in songs and interviews.Nor was Agnostic Front the only band to run afoul of Yohannan's insistence on ideological purity. He grew up rough in "the slums of New Jersey towns like Passaic and Paterson." From there he found his way to Manhattan, where the loud, fast sounds of bands such as the Stimulators, Reagan Youth, and Even Worse were blaring out of clubs such as Max's Kansas City, A7, and CBGB.

For me, what makes punk different is the intelligence and commitment behind it." Agnostic Front quickly became one of Yohannan's primary targets. This August, Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret published a new memoir that tells his side of the story.

It was an "inspiring" and "absolutely mind-blowing" experience, he writes.

"They played faster than anyone and still sounded tight and furious." The aggressive music attracted a wild crowd.

Scott sent his questions by mail and the band sent back their answers.

But Yohannan thought the interview was too friendly, so he mailed a batch of his own questions, focusing on the "disturbing aspects to these nice guys' philosophies" and "their admittedly nationalistic outlook." Miret, Stigma, and Kabula replied again.

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"Unfortunately, much of the narrow-mindedness, fanatical nationalism, and violence that has destroyed the New York punk scene seems to have revolved around AGNOSTIC FRONT." The author of that review was the publication's founder and editor, Tim Yohannan, a 40-something ex-Yippie who thought punk music should march in lockstep with left-wing politics.

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