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The menu is fixed, meaning that you cannot add or remove items from it anymore.Customize options are still provided though as you can see on the screenshots above.Photon design Firefox 57.0 comes with a modified interface, the first major refresh of Firefox's design since the release of the controversial Australis interface in Firefox 29.0.Photon is more than just an interface overhaul however as it is part of the Mozilla Quantum project.

The new version of the web browser is a major release as it introduces big changes to the browser's performance, interface, and add-on compatibility.

The New Tab Page and Start Page of Firefox 57 is based on Activity Stream now.

Activity Stream was launched as a Test Pilot experiment before Mozilla implemented the functionality in the browser.

You can still drag and drop many interface elements around, or remove them entirely from the browser UI.

New items can be placed on the main toolbar or a new "" menu designed for items that you don't want placed on the toolbar but in reach anyway.

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The page features a search, top sites, highlights, Pocket recommendations (only select countries) and snippets that Mozilla displays.