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Fig enema

Some also advise low fat intake, and in particular, to eat lean meat.I'm not sure whether the Crohn's Carnivore was eating lean or fatty meat during his year of healing.

Are there other reasons to worry about colon cells that don't get any?

The researchers used intraperitoneal injections of butyrate to apparently almost completely restore colonocyte integrity in rodent models of colitis.

At face value, this would suggest that it is not the butyrate that helped, but a metabolite of butyrate, i.e.

Insofar as there are successes, it is worth noting that the butyrate was taken in by rectal cells, not colon cells, and so the effect was post-absorptive. In fact, when the butyrate is applied directly to impaired cells it seems to worsen the situation.

These points are noted in the review, and motivates their own contribution.

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Apparently it can accumulate due to maldigestion or bacterial overgrowth and cause serious epithelial damage.