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The 338 training squadron still resides in original quarters and there were 3 spirits in the female wings alone.One was an angry man of about 27 or 28 who didn't know why females where there and wanted them all out of "him air force".

Then you look down the tracks to see her searching for her husband you won't see her only her lantern. In the bathroom around you can sometimes hear the door open and close.

As the legend goes your suppose to beat her across the bridge.

Well, she runs beside your car trying to run you off the road by slamming her fist into the side of your car.

This was an uncomfortable presence that would just sit three or four yards (sometimes halfway up the stairs while you were guarding the entrance) and concentrate loathing on you, also he would mess with the tuning on your radio. He was a sweet kid who would check on everyone in the evenings and make sure everyone was alright.

He also would play pranks like opening windows at night and dropping things inside locked wall lockers when you are across the room.

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Another night he awoke because he could not breath and found that his covers were wrapped around his neck.