Racism in the dating game

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The congresswoman eventually pledged to pay the city 6.But none of this dissuaded Democrats from palling around the Florida woman.It’s why Democrat brass would continually cozy up to a congresswoman who was so clearly corrupt?From the beginning, Brown’s been shrouded in controversy.Brown had friends in high places, such as former CSX CEO Mike Ward.She would ask them for donation to Open Door for Education and many of them gladly donated, according to previous reports and prosecutor testimony.Hollywood couldn’t have better scripted some of the highlights. Henry Lyons, the disgraced president of the National Baptist Convention who spent five years in federal prison for fraud.

Most notably, she accepted donations from foreign citizens and failed to report the use of a corporate plane. A convenient rap sheet, put together last July by the Florida Times-Union, documents every allegation of wrongdoing brought against Brown during her 27-year career.

In 2000, Brown battled back a House Ethics investigation into her efforts to free imprisoned West African millionaire Foutanga Dit Babani Sissoko from federal prison.

She appealed to Attorney General Janet Reno for help, asking her to spring Sissoko from prison.

I humbly ask for mercy and compassion.”The lead prosecutor in the sentencing hearing argued Thursday that the former congresswoman should be sentenced to about 7.5 to 9 years in federal prison.

Her defense attorney is seeking probation and community service.

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A celebrated Congressional Black Caucus member, to say the least, is trying to hide the fact that she has stollen hundreds of thousands of dollars from poor children in her district and used the “black” excuse as a cover up.

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