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's Hit Original Scripted Series "The Royals" Returns Sunday, March 11 with a Season Premiere Filled with Romance and Intrigue "The Royal Hangover," the digital companion series to the scripted program, will also return on March 11.[12/27/17 - PM]FX Orders New Series from Ryan Murphy - "Pose"The history-making "Pose" will feature the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles and the largest recurring LGBTQ cast ever for a scripted television series.This was itself a reference to the 1980 Kurosawa film, .She silently excuses our embarrassment at this absurd and unequal exchange.

It wasn’t surprising to see masses of Japanese and Korean faces here; but it also looked as if half the east-of-the-river neighborhoods showed up, too.

Markus recalled that "They wanted to do a symbolic image [without a celebrity] and I thought it was very boring and had the spontaneous idea: why don't we do this with Lady Gaga?

" Asked about the cover of "Icons" and the concept behind the photograph, Markus explained that they "thought it would be really cool to have that golden star begind her head, a mix of the occult and the pop star: the high priestess of pop." Indrani recalled that at that time "[they]'d never met Gaga before and were nervous.

For those reluctant to dive into (and shell out for) this merchandising frenzy, there were free badges and party tiaras with the trademark bows and cat-ears. It was amusing to see how readily every kind of merchandised apparel was picked up and worn by both sexes.

As you walked around Little Tokyo and beyond into the Arts District, you saw the cardboard tiaras and their bright red bows everywhere, worn not just by children and their parents, but men and women alike.

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They were commissioned by Sanrio to produce a photo campaign for the thirty-fifth anniversary celebration of Hello Kitty.

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