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This is heavily influenced by socio-economic status, and sometimes one’s […] Continue Reading » First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!May this day be full of reminders on how you accept and give love to others!An argument could be made that one suggests the pursuit of fun, social and sexual adventures.Partners may frequently change, but that's OK because you're in it for the enjoyment of the experience.

A successful gay man will do something special for themselves, and you should follow suit.

“The only people who didn’t love her were the people who hadn’t met her yet.” I recount one bittersweet recent Sunday.

My dear friend’s mother had passed away recently and that day was a celebration of her almost 98 years on this earth.

I mean, gay dating Los Angeles can be stressful to most!

Do you ever feel cornered by your own trials and tribulations of life and all you can do is take the blows and wish for it to be over?

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My true gay friends offered me the same approach to support me.