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Chat lines just for bi sexuals

You are welcome to your views, but as gently as I can say it, they really don't stand in the light of Scripture."Hi Ken- I will address your factually inaccurate statements point by point.1.

"to come to a conclusion biblically that same sex sexual relations are always outside the marriage covenant."That is your opinion based on your presuppositions about male-female Complementarity in Genesis and .

Many heroes of the faith practiced polygamy their entire adult lives yet scripture does not condemn them as living in sin.

Abraham, father of the faithful and friend of God, was a polygamist, Genesis 16:3-4, who also fathered many children by concubines, Genesis 25:6.

Jacob, whose sons formed the twelve tribes of Israel, was a polygamist.

You are teaching your opinion - something Jesus did not say - as absolute truth.

Obviously that is a false way of interpreting scripture.2.

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The orthodox Jewish position since 1450 BC when Moses wrote the Pentateuch has been that Genesis and do not teach absolute Complementarity - one man with one woman for life - as the only marriage paradigm God will bless.

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