Having sex after cyber dating

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Having sex after cyber dating

‘She was like, “Er, Sophie, you have that audition?

”’ As she tells me this, I can’t help imagining the alternate reality Sophie Turner who stayed in line for her Angel Delight.

‘Both of us went home and told [our mums], “I really hope that girl gets it.”’ Their friendship has eliminated the otherwise lonely experience of being a young person on a mostly adult set, but it’s also inspired a loyalty that cuts deeper than affectionate tweets and red-carpet bear hugs.

‘We’re so close that I’ve been put up for projects and been like, “[Maisie] you need to go for this.” Then she’ll say, “I said no to this because I think you need to go for this.”’ She looks at me for a moment.

‘I think that’s quite rare.’ I interviewed Turner’s co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister) a few weeks previously and he said he was astonished that one of them isn’t in rehab by now. I remember reading about the Harry Potter kids and thinking the same.’ Like Emma Watson, Turner doesn’t come from a family of actors. Mum Sally is a primary school teacher, Dad Andrew works for a pallet distribution company.

‘I’m impressed with how they’ve dealt with it,’ he said. The youngest in the family – she has two older brothers, James and Will – Turner was a twin, but tragically her sister didn’t survive to full term.

Post cover shoot, the heavens have opened and our room in an east London studio rumbles like an empty drum.

Last year, she started dating US pop star, DNCE frontman and Gigi Hadid’s ex, Joe Jonas, who found fame in his teens as one of the Jonas Brothers.

They met through mutual friends and have already done the ‘meet the parents’ – him joining the Turners in a north London pub; her on a Jonas’ family skiing trip.

We first met a few hours earlier; I had just arrived off an 11-hour flight in need of coffee and she clapped a hand on my shoulder in commiseration. Have some of this,’ she said, grabbing a plate of purple dip off the lunch buffet table. But Turner, who appears to exhibit neither of these traits, got the ‘I am an artist’ phase out of the way early – when she was filming season one of .

‘There was a period in my life, when I was 14/15, and I was like, “I want to be seen as a real actress – I can’t fuck around.

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This is my career,”’ she says, pronouncing career ‘caraar’ and mock fainting into the sofa cushions. ‘The painful part is finding another job.’ Unemployment is on Turner’s mind right now.

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