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Fun kinky things when dating

Denim skirt, stockings, thigh high riding boots and a black bra.Get yourself a riding crop guys and girls and have fun!The key is to leave post its all around the house which leads the partner to the bedroom with the final post it being on or about the person leading the trail.For a girl on her tits and for the guy of course his prick.Who said valentines was a dinner for two and quick shag at the end of the night. Well fear not Miss Kensington comes to the rescue, here are 10 kinky things to do this Valentines Day some are playful and some are very seductive you choose and maybe more than one!Dinner 4 two cooking is very sensual but please be careful!

These are all available on good internet sites, dont feel disgusted see it more as light-hearted fun.

The key is you each un wrap a present and even come up with your own idea or perhaps you follow the task.

Post it I love post it notes this is a great one for the guys since they dont have lingerie equivalent.

If you are thinking about a gift, why not check out my website buying guides for corsets and lingerie and some of the best links to online retailers. Lights on You will surprised how many people have sex with the lights off, if you arent confident about your body then you cant have good sex so get those candles on which is a much more pleasing light.

Playing Horsy My cowgirl outfit is my favourite dressing up costume.

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