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Said national agencies and offices may establish such field units as may be necessary for monitoring purposes and providing technical assistance to local government units. otherwise known as "The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law", shall not be affected by the said reclassification and the conversion of such lands into other purposes shall be governed by Section 65 of said Act.The properties, equipment, and other assets of these regional offices shall be distributed to the local government units in the region in accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the oversight committee created under this Code. (b) The President may, when public interest so requires and upon recommendation of the National Economic and Development Authority, authorize a city or municipality to reclassify lands in excess of the limits set in the next preceding paragraph.Republic of the Philippines Congress of the Philippines Metro Manila Eighth Congress Republic Act No. - (a) It is hereby declared the policy of the State that the territorial and political subdivisions of the State shall enjoy genuine and meaningful local autonomy to enable them to attain their fullest development as self-reliant communities and make them more effective partners in the attainment of national goals.7160             October 10, 1991 Setion 41(b) Amended by RA 8553 Setion 43 Amended by RA 8553 AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF 1991 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:: BOOK IGENERAL PROVISIONS TITLE IBASIC PRINCIPLES CHAPTER IThe Code: Policy and Application Section 1. - This Act shall be known and cited as the "Local Government Code of 1991". Toward this end, the State shall provide for a more responsive and accountable local government structure instituted through a system of decentralization whereby local government units shall be given more powers, authority, responsibilities, and resources.(f) A change of name of public hospitals, health centers, and other health facilities shall be made only upon the recommendation of the local health board concerned.(g) The change of name of any local government unit shall be effective only upon ratification in a plebiscite conducted for the purpose in the political unit directly affected. - When a new local government unit is created, its corporate existence shall commence upon the election and qualification of its chief executive and a majority of the members of its sanggunian, unless some other time is fixed therefor by the law or ordinance creating it. Political and Corporate Nature of Local Government Units.(1) City and municipal barangays, upon recommendation of the sangguniang barangay concerned; (2) City, municipal and barangay roads, avenues, boulevards, thoroughfares, and bridges; (3) City and municipal public elementary, secondary and vocational or technical schools, post- secondary and other tertiary schools; (4) City and municipal hospitals, health centers and other health facilities; and (5) Any other public place or building owned by the municipal government.

CHAPTER IIGeneral Powers and Attributes of Local Government Units Section 6. - A local government unit may be created, divided, merged, abolished, or its boundaries substantially altered either by law enacted by Congress in the case of a province, city, municipality, or any other political subdivision, or by ordinance passed by the sangguniang panlalawigan or sangguniang panlungsod concerned in the case of a barangay located within its territorial jurisdiction, subject to such limitations and requirements prescribed in this Code. - It must be sufficient, based on acceptable standards, to provide for all essential government facilities and services and special functions commensurate with the size of its population, as expected of the local government unit concerned; (b) Population.

172 (GSIS), and the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF): Provided, That national funds for these programs and projects shall be equitably allocated among the regions in proportion to the ratio of the homeless to the population; (ix) Investment support services, including access to credit financing; (x) Upgrading and modernization of tax information and collection services through the use of computer hardware and software and other means; (xi) Inter-municipal telecommunications services, subject to national policy guidelines; and (xii) Tourism development and promotion programs; (c) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (b) hereof, public works and infrastructure projects and other facilities, programs and services funded by the national government under the annual General Appropriations Act, other special laws, pertinent executive orders, and those wholly or partially funded from foreign sources, are not covered under this Section, except in those cases where the local government unit concerned is duly designated as the implementing agency for such projects, facilities, programs, and services.

(d) The designs, plans, specifications, testing of materials, and the procurement of equipment and materials at P170 from both foreign and local sources necessary for the provision of the foregoing services and facilities shall be undertaken by the local government unit concerned, based on national policies, standards and guidelines.

The name of a local government unit or a public place, street or structure with historical, cultural, or ethnic significance shall not be changed, unless by a unanimous vote of the sanggunian concerned and in consultation with the PHC.

(e) A change of name of a public school shall be made only upon the recommendation of the local school board concerned.

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- (1) Component cities and municipalities, upon the recommendation of the sanggunian concerned; (2) Provincial roads, avenues, boulevards, thoroughfares, and bridges; (3) Public vocational or technical schools and other post-secondary and tertiary schools; (4) Provincial hospitals, health centers, and other health facilities; and (5) Any other public place or building owned by the provincial government.

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